The "New Jersey Shore Town"

We are trying to re-create a New Jersey Shore Town to provide our students with true life experiences.  A “Shore Diner” is currently under construction with Atlantic City push cart replica diner booths adorned with real bicycle wheels.  The diner will serve as both a lunch room and as a life-skills room where students will participate in cooking and food preparation lessons.

A real Retro Fitness Gym is planned for completion by February 2012 and will provide our students with a unique occupational and physical therapy space.  Together with a school store and student bedroom, the Shore Center hopes to provide real world settings for our students. 
opportunity to practice socially appropriate behaviors in each setting.

Our “Shore Town” is in need of another staple of American life: a town theater.  Our theater needs a ceiling mounted projector, pull down screen and real theater seats with a place for popcorn and/or a drink.  We need approximately 15 to 20 real movie theater seats to use as a “classroom” to teach our students appropriate “theater” behaviors.  In addition, it will serve as the location for virtual field trips.  Trips to NASA and the Great Lakes the Grand Canyon and other sites of interest in the United States and other countries can become valuable experiences via the theater’s wide screen and technology rich environment.

In thanks and appreciation for such a donation, we will be happy to award naming rights to this “Shore Town” landmark.  Students and their parents will be able to engage in one of America’s most favorite past times, going to the movies.