The Shore Center: Technology

The Shore Center: Technology

The explosion of technology in all our lives has had no less affect on education.  There are many nationally recognized computer software programs for use by students with autism.  From iPads to Macs to PCs these programs added to touch screens and other input devices make a dramatic difference in the life of a child with autism.  Currently, our level of technology is behind the times; TV sets are on carts, old TV sets are connected to VHS machines, etc.  Help us move our children forward with the help of the tools that can make a huge difference in their lives.

We would be happy to give the sponsor of this project the following considerations:

  • A special Shore Center plaque will be awarded with your name
  • Your company’s name will be added to our website and included in all our newsletters and listed as a sponsor
  • Discount coupons, if appropriate, will be displayed for any products you wish to advertise  the newsletter and website link will be forwarded to 10,000 New Jersey educational professionals
  • You company’s name/logo will be added to our “Shore Center Walk/Run” event tee-shirt as a sponsor.
  • All donations made to the Shore Center for Students with Autism should be forwarded to our Foundation.

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